Micro-Wedding at Poplar Hill

Micro-weddings are something that we have tossed around the idea of for quite some time. There is a lot that went into this, but first we are going to share the pricing and what is included at our venue and then we will give you the nitty gritty details and how we came to this […]

Our Mini Guide to Aesthetics

We are going to switch it up a little bit with this month’s blog post. We are seeing our little venue grow more and more and we have had a lot of questions lately about decorations. What colors go well? What have previous couples done? What vibes go with the venue? Pinterest ideas? While we […]

The Hunt is On

Starting the wedding venue search can be daunting to say the least. From the wedding industry and social media perspectives, it’s supposed to be this bliss filled process where you step foot at a venue, and you have this perfect feeling and just know this is where you will get married. Now that would be […]

They Asked…You Said YES…What’s Next?

They asked…you said YES…now what? The engagement stories are our absolute favorite part of each tour. They are simple, sweet, wildly creative and they always bring a huge smile to our faces and sometimes tears to our eyes. You just took the huge step to ask or say yes to spending the rest of your […]