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We are taking a break from wedding topics in this month’s blog to tell you all about a beautiful organization that helps take a scary part of life and turns it into a peaceful, loving, happy process. Charlotte’s House is a comfort care home for the terminally ill with a diagnosis of less than 3 months to live. We are happy to announce that we will be the venue for their fundraising event this year, Heartstrings. For more information on the event, feel free to scroll down a bit, but come back and give this a quick read. We promise to warm your heart.

If you are anything like us, this initially sounds sad right? Death is sad. While that is a true statement, death can also be so many other things at the same time. It is beautiful, peaceful, and comfortable.

A comfort home is end of life care for two people at one time with the help of trained volunteers and staff. A hospice or certified nursing agency supports the care with nursing, social work, chaplain, and aide visits weekly. These comfort homes are no cost to the family or patient.

Now this is the part where you might want to grab some tissues. This home is a two story, completely furnished house. It is completely handicap accessible allowing Charlotte’s House to meet the needs of any patient, regardless of their mobility. Volunteers are present 24/7 when there is a resident. Every volunteer is trained and certified to administer certain medications, allowing your loved one to ask for pain meds at any point in time. Residents can eat whatever they want. There is a full kitchen just for them, the volunteers, and their family. Residents can deny medication, food, or drink at any time. Residents are encouraged to bring their dogs and cats too. They accept the entire family to stay, including the furry ones. There is nothing that they are forced to do, and everything is truly in their terms.

Residents have their own room to decorate however they would like. Each resident bedroom has its own private restroom. Upstairs are rooms for family members to stay and a living room. After talking with the staff, every single person involved with Charlotte’s House loves how they give back in this way. While it is always sad when a resident passes, knowing that they provided the best care for them, gave them a safe and comfortable place where things happened on the resident’s terms, hearing about their amazing lives they had, and seeing families come together is greater than any sadness. There are always tears when a resident passes and there is an overwhelming amount of love knowing they passed on their terms.

The staff told stories of family reunions that may never have happened if their resident was to pass in a hospital. Making amends with other loved ones is one of the most heart bursting experiences, seeing the peace that comes to the residents after reconciling with a loved one after so long. They spoke of a patient that graduated and recovered rather than passed on during their time at Charlotte’s House. This is extremely unusual but heartwarming in the best way for everyone that was a part of the resident’s journey. Volunteers talked about the happiness that families have in a sad time knowing their kids can come and have their own space and the pets always lighten the mood. It is a relaxing atmosphere, filled with nothing but love and support, functioning all because of the amazing volunteers that always have a smile on their face.

Charlottes House is completely supported by donations, grants, fundraisers, memorials and banquets. Volunteers are at the core of this and are always welcomed if you are interested! Charlotte’s House would not exist without their amazing volunteers.

This event is meant to have something for everyone. Pat (one of the many amazing volunteers) wanted to create an event that people wanted to come to and get something out of it rather than donating, grabbing a drink, and leaving. The event will have guests from the local community not only speaking on their expertise but giving the guests exercises for them to tap into their creative sides a bit more. Of course, there will be food, drink, and dessert included with your purchased ticket.

Charlotte’s House is still looking for sponsors for this event. If you know of anyone interested or you yourself would like to be a sponsor, please reach out to Pat S. at

(585) 943-7082.

Tickets will be available online in April but in the meantime, mark your calendars and start spreading the word!

EDIT May 2023: The Details

Date: Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023

Time: 5:00pm – 8:00pm

Location: 1216 Quaker Road, East Aurora, NY 14052

Giving back to the community has been engrained in the mission of Poplar Hill since the start. Not only are we ecstatic to announce this event at our venue, but we also work with a non-denominational youth group, YoungLife to give them a gathering space for their yearly events. Weddings may be our bread and butter. But how could we have this amazing space and not share it with the community!?

Charlotte’s House is an organization that hit near and dear to our hearts. Beth, an owner here, is a nurse and she works in palliative care, but in a hospital setting. Almost every wedding we have here, our couples acknowledge the loved ones that were there watching over rather than sitting with them. Death is something that touches all of us at some point or another and while it is not a comfortable topic for everyone, the process to leave on your own terms and in a comfortable way is how we all hope to pass on. That is what Charlotte’s House provides their patients while also supporting the whole family. How beautiful is that!?

Please join us in attending this event. Following along and stay tuned for the registration link!

See you next month and be sure to join us for the EA Winter Market to stock up on all your Easter goodies!

Dates: Saturday, April 8th and April 15th

Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm

Location: 1216 Quaker Road, East Aurora, NY

Madelyn Jensen

Madelyn Jensen

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