About Us

Meet the Team

We consider our team family, aka the Poplar Hill Family. We work closely together in a very intimate industry, so we created a workplace that feels like home so that your big day feels the same way. We strive for our employees and our couples to feel like family before, during, and after their time with us.

Phil Colarusso


Phil is the designer with all the big ideas that come to life here at Poplar Hill as well as with his other business, Luminated Landscapes. He has an eye for detail like you couldn’t imagine which keeps us on our toes and makes Poplar Hill an ever changing venue. Each time you come by, we are positive you will find something different no matter how big or small. The love and warmth of this property is largely due to Phil & Beth’s dream of giving couples a beautiful place, that is also their home, to start the next chapter of their lives. You’ll usually find Phil on the patio smoking a cigar or cooking THE BEST food for dinner.

Beth Colarusso


Beth is a full time nurse and and if you have not met her in the healthcare world, you’ll see her at nearly every event helping with final touches and the needed details. She has an impeccable ability to help with all the emotions that come on a wedding day. She shares the same passion as Phil, opening up their home to help the next chapter of many love stories to come. If being a nurse isn’t enough, she is also the gardener, florist, grounds keeper that keeps all the stunning flowers alive and flower beds immaculate.


Office Manager

Not only does Penny work as the office manager for Poplar Hill but she is the unicorn attached to Luminated Landscapes. Penny runs a tight ship and keeps everyone on track no matter what the circumstances. She loves to pop in and say hi during tours, meet all the Poplar Hill faces, and hearing the love stories. Who doesn’t love a good love story!? Penny has two beautiful children that are very much her world, one being Madelyn, the next introduction. Penny has accepted and loves that fact that she is a cat lady, but to only one cat, Pixie who very much likes to run the household. Penny is addicted to audio books to the point where she has listened to the entire mystery section of the library audiobooks. That being said, she is always up for a good book recommendation!


Operations & Marketing Director

If you are a couple or have reached out to Poplar Hill through any platform on the internet, then you have probably already met Madelyn. She is a spunky, vibrant, to-the-point human that brings an atmosphere to Poplar Hill you can’t deny. While she runs the operations, she is also our marketing and is our social media human. Following her around is her service dog Whiskey or as we call her, WTF. Whiskey and Saaz (the Poplar Hill doggo on site) are best friends and enjoy their jobs very much. Madelyn is a sucker for a good hike, addicted to chai tea lattes, and listens to Armchair Expert religiously.


Welcoming Committee

Saaz is the wiggly little-ish muffin that greets everyone at their car and kindly shows them the way to the Carriage House. She is a leaner so please brace yourself. If you pet her, you are now committed to that duty until you leave. While answering to Saaz she also answers to Fat Head because well, she’s a pure-bred fat head. We mean it with all the love in the world. This floofer is nothing but loving and can’t wait to meet you!